Online Casino Slots – A Detailed Analysis

Visit any online casino UK, and slot machines are the first things to notice. With their dazzling lights and distinct presence, this gaming variety appeals to all sorts of gamblers. However, this huge popularity did not happen overnight, quite the opposite. Their existence in the gambling scene goes way back.

Due to this, various versions of how they came about continue to loom the web. However, we will look at the most popular version, briefly of course, in a bid to enlighten you on how slot machines came to be one of the most sought-after casino games.

A Glimpse of The Past

The first-ever slot gaming machine was the Liberty Bell (at least this is what most folks believe), a machine that was brought to life by none other than Charles Fey. 1887, yes, this is the year slots saw the light of day. However, they were not as complex as today. On the contrary, the Liberty Bell featured 3 reels and 5 simple icons but do not despise its simplicity for back then this invention spread like wildfire.

Due to the game’s high demand, Bally sieged the opportunity by inventing the first electric gaming machine in 1963. The company did not enjoy the monopoly for long though, in 1976 Fortune Co unveiled the first video slot title. After this, each milestone in technology saw the birth of better gaming machines in a bid to revamp the slot gaming experience. It is no wonder that there are multiple variants online. Speaking of the gaming machine’s categories, let us look at them in detail.

The Various Gaming Machine Categories

If you are a slot enthusiast, we bet you have encountered multiple variants of slots, more than we can discuss in this review, to be honest. In essence, every gambling site has their own set of gaming machines, and with that in mind, multiple categories will arise. To save you the trouble of getting mixed up with new titles each time you step in into a new site, we will approach these variants from a whole new angle –Denominations, Number of Reels and the Machine’s Evolution Status.


Are you new to the online gambling scene? If yes, this method of classification is the way to go. Why? Classifying slots by denominations is very simple and straightforward for it does not require you to be a guru. All you need to know what cash denominations these machines use. For instance, there are those played via pennies, nickels, quarters and dollars. Once you garner enough experience, you can try out the high limit category – which are titles that give you a chance to game for high wagers.

The Number of Reels

Perhaps before we get into the various titles, reels are the spinning icons on the gaming machine’s screen powered by an electrical mechanism in modern-day variants. Traditionally, reels were set in motion by pulling a lever, but this has all been overshadowed by the advent of advanced technology. That said, the various slots present in this category include: 3, 5, 6 and 7 reeled games.

Types of Games

The last category, probably the most familiar is the ‘types of games’. Here, we list gaming machines based on their evolution. If you haven’t guessed it by now, the classic variant kicks us off.

  • Classic Games. As the name suggests, these are titles with characteristics that date way back to the Liberty Bell. Simple and straightforward rules, few icons and reels, few or no bonus rounds, are the most prevalent features of classic games. If you like keeping it old-school, then this is the category for you.
  • Video Slots. (for example - Double Triple Chance). Probably the most popular variant online and it comes as no surprise for video slots feature exceptional qualities. From multiple reels (3-5 at most) to a large number of bet lines, thrilling bonus features, this variant increases a player’s odds of garnering a win by a long shot. In fact, they are known to offer one of the largest payouts.
  • Progressive Jackpots. As much as this variation presents similar qualities to video slots, we thought it appropriate to list it on its own. Why? Progressive jackpots offer the highest payouts online and secondly, they highly depend on player participation. Therefore, the jackpot prize increases as more and more gamers wager on the game. The jackpot will only stop accumulating until someone (a lucky player to precise) scoops the reward. The reward is either made up of a percentage of all bets staked on one or multiple gaming machines. Meaning, this variety has the potential of earning you millions of dollars!